"When I get dressed in the morning I sort of want to put something on that evokes an emotion in me, either of excitement or happiness, usually not disgust, but sometimes that works too; it’s really just about how I feel in the clothes that I wear…" 

- Joel Uritescu 

STYLE RAT + SUNNY LEE from on Vimeo.

"My mom is super minimalistic too; very classic lines…so I think that’s something that has been passed down as well."

-Sunny Lee

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Crazy people are drawn to me.  In New york there is no lack of the offish.  When I say “crazy people” I’m not talking about the “oh girl, you so funny, so crazy and cool” type of crazy.  I mean more obviously on crack type of crazy.  Or just women hating men, who say gross and sexually derogatory things to you on the street.  Every New York woman I have ever known has been through this.   Is that not sad?  For me, it’s a daily thing.  I think it’s my face.  It’s one of those innocent faces that look like they won’t defend themselves.  This is not the case.  Normally when crazies get too close I reach for my  Pepperface key chain with every intention of use.  I scream “I DID NOT ASK FOR YOUR APPROVAL!  WOULD YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR DAUGHTER?!”  loudly at the women hating men.  Their reaction to my words is a face full of shock.  Sometimes they begin to scream curse words at you, because how dare you stand up for yourself.  Maybe this is not the safest thing to do…this is not the safest thing to do.   I’m no expert in self safety, so please don’t mimic my behavior.  Not saying something just doesn’t feel like an option to me personally.  It’s 2013, do women really need to just ignore when men verbally objectify them?  I vote no.  But of course, I do this when there are plenty of people (witnesses!) on the street.  As scary as it is to acknowledge, you never know when one of these fools could be carrying a knife or gun.  Anyway, this brings me to lady safety.  It’s unfun to feel unsafe.  There are a few fun items a New York lady (or man!) can carry in their arsenal (aka bag) for when the crazies crawl out, and in new york they often do.  Plus these items are cute, that’s important.  

Anja Guggenheim has a super cool Etsy store specializing in “Self-defense jewelry and charms”.  Most of the jewelry is made from industrial resin and are hand cast from original silicone molds.  The colorful translucent rings will look fantastic on your fingers, even when you don’t need to use them.  

Everyone need’s a keychain.  Why not choose this colorful and customizable option? The “Monkey Fist key chain can also be used for self defense. Clip on a backpack or purse. Remove when walking, between classes or at night. Base of keychain is a 1” stainless steel ball wrapped in two colors (or one color) of your choice of 550 parachute cord, four strand braid and a snake weave makes the handle for ease of gripping. ” 

Pepperface makes me think of THIS.  In actuality, Pepperface is a pepper-spray for fancy people. If Lohan has one for the pap, you know it works.  I have the gold one.  If bedazzlement is your deal, it’s pretty amazing that that’s an option!  You can buy the device and refills at the chicest pharmacy in New York, The New London.  

Meow!  I can’t resist anything with the face of a cat. Including actual cats.  Plus the  Personal Safety Keychain looks Japanese kawaii-esque.  Also it’s under $10.  Basically a no brainer.  ”The Cat Self Defense Key-chain can be attached to keys or easily stowed elsewhere.  You put your fingers through the eye holes and the tips of the ears can be used to defend your self against an attacker.”  

…And, as I am not an expert in self defense below are a list of self defense classes and seminars you can attend to gain professional training on the matter.

Female Awareness Self Defense Course, Chelsea

Prepare, Chelsea

Park Slope Academy of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu , Brooklyn

Krav Maga Federation, Chelsea



"I like the term "hard femme", where it’s girly-ish…I wear skirts and stuff like that, but also with this kind of punk edge." 

-Molly Ellen Sohubert 


let’s bring back the kimono.  After reading Janet Malcolm’s article, “Nobody’s Looking At You: Eileen Fisher and the art of understatement”, who would not be inclined to wear charcoal colored kimonos for days?  I admittedly fit in more with Chris Costan’s room of many colors…and so does Jenny Folsom’s fantastic kimono (similar here).  Thankfully, in a world where everything exists, there is a kimono for everyone.  



"…I study art history, so obviously I’m very interested in aesthetics…and my specialty is actually in performance so I’m interested in styling of the self, and performing through fashion…" -Gillian Young 


"I feel like I’m constantly performing, but I think that’s really fun.  I think everyone is performing all the time." 

- James Lawrence Slattery 

If you are a normal 20 something, your New York apartment is the size of a pinkie.  Unless you are “paying rent to your parents” (aka they bought you a brownstone or condo).  No judgement.  This article will just not pertain to you.  Or maybe it will if you’re particularly zen.  If the ladder, then read on.  Accumulating things is just what humans naturally do, specifically in 2013; everyone is constantly bombarded of messages of “buy! buy! buy!”.  Or something new will come out, like the Marc Jacobs cosmetics line and you “need” to try it out.  Even though you know Moody Margot lipstick will make your complexion look ruddy, you buy it .  It’s basically a Wes Anderson X Marc Jacobs collab for under $30.  A person can only restrain themselves so much before smothering that shrieking Suze Orman voice in their brain.  So, what is the takeaway?  You have all of these unflattering lipstick colors, clothing, and 12 pairs of scissors.  I realize it is the norm to call for Spring Cleaning, but in New York Fall Cleaning makes more sense.  Think about it: you are going to be stuck in that pinkie size apartment all Winter long, It might as well not look like an episode of hoarders in training.  

We will concentrate on the closet.  You can use the same attitude and apply it elsewhere it your pinkie apt.  Take out everything you have worn in the past 6 months, the rest can be donated.  Why? You obviously don’t wear it enough for it to exist in your “right now life”.  While you are physically throwing things out, also mentally throw out any ideas of who you might become later, or who you used to be;  maybe you have gained five pounds in the last few years because you no longer count every calorie that enters your mouth.  Embrace that as a positive thing.  Embrace who you are today.  When you hold on to things physically or mentally, it creates a blockage that prohibits growth.  Now, out of the items you have worn in the past 6 months, set aside the pieces that make you feel unattractive or don’t fit.  Why are you wearing stuff that makes you feel frump?  Donate it.  For the last step in closet curation, talk to your remaining clothing.  Ask each item “Were you just a trend who lured me in like a lady of the night?”, “Do I even like you?” and other such antidotes.  

Finally, you are left with it the purest representation of your current self in the form of clothing, not to mention more space for future growth.  See?  Now the question is who can I give my Moody Margot to?  

- The Closet Whisperer 

english style, london

12 . 18 . 2012


"Put a hat on and you’ll look cool!"  

I had the pleasure of taking a short trip to London the other week.  I love English style;   England is the obvious master of tailoring.  It’s fantastic how Charlie draws inspiration from theatrical costume; a very fitting theme in England! 

Side note:  I’m not a hat person, but I picked one up last week.  It really adds so much to an outfit!…Plus I’m possibly (definitely!) going through a very awkward hair stage at the moment.  Hats are good for that too!


low looks high, chelsea

12 . 10 . 2012

STYLE RAT + ERI KUNISHI from on Vimeo.

Most of us do not have loads of money to spend on clothing. Especially in this fun economy. Especially if you are a college student. The great news is, it makes things more creative. If you have great taste Goodwill can look like Bergdorf Goodman, yea know? I think when you are trying to narrow down your purchases before checkout, a good question to ask yourself is “which item looks more expensive”. The same item in a different color can look a lot nicer. So in conclusion, I was not surprised at all that Eri looks like a million bucks on a college budget!

Checkout more of Eri’s fantastic outfits here!

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